Affordable Medical Transportation

About Our Company

The Co-Founders of the Affordable Medical Transportation are two retired U.S. Army officers with over 61 years between them with Joint military intelligence, operations and management experience. We've built our reputation on honesty and excellence in getting the mission done, with a constant focus on serving our customers. Our goal is to provide smart, cost-effective non-emergency medical transportation solutions to our customers, while following all safety and government guidelines.

AMT Logo
"Always Out Front"
The cornerstones of AMT's operations are integrity, agility, initiative, and dedication. Our corporate passion statement is "Always Out Front" and we continuously strive to do so for our customers, community, and team members.

Our Beliefs


Doing what is right even if/when nobody is around to see you. Demonstrating honesty and fairness without exception.


Striving to be technically proficient and competent. Having the drive to do your best at all times. Effectively communicating. Being respectful and accountable. Demonstrating personal and professional pride without boastfulness. Knowing the industry. Processing and managing both current operations during good times and during unexpected change. Implementing sound processes consistently and efficiently.


Being a good teammate with partners and clients. Having a good balance internally and externally, with company and home-life. Available to participate when needed. Showing reliability with a focus on solutions rather than issues/concerns. Building relationships through such acts and the interaction within AMT and with outside clients/partners.


Showing concern and interest in employees, colleagues, partners and clients. Being responsible and showing dedication to the community. Being an advocate for the company and the community. Providing service internally and externally. Showing fairness in providing information and services.